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Nowadays, Vietnam’s economic and integration strongly develops, create competitions market and even human resources which become more and more fierce. It lead Enterprises meet many challenges in facing with competitors as well facing with finding solutions for managing and developing their human resources

INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES is established to share the Enterprises’ challenges. Throughout our survey, we build up the most optimal solutions that secure the effective management system, mobilize effectively the existing manpower, train and develop, provide talents for Enterprises.


We provides consultancy service, training, headhunting to bring up the most optimal solutions for Enterprises in order to enhance value of human resources and contribute into the Enterprises’ growth.


Become one of the leading companies of bringing up the value for Enterprises by our consultancy, training and development.


-  Customer service is our prerequisite.
-  Dedication, honesty is to success.

-  Consistency, creativity is to develop

-  Respect, solidarity is our power.


We set our customer’s concernment as our top priorities. We use our strength on knowledge, experiences gathering with our enthusiasm, passion to contribute into the development of our customers.

Respect, keep confidential, honest and comply our career ethics.


We are proud of our specialists with the high academic, good abilities, many experiences and especially used to being Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, leading lecturers in the related profession. We are confident on our ability, and we do determine to bring up the most different values to customer.

Choosing International Human Resources is the background to bring your company’s success.


-   Re-structure the Enterprises effectively and simply;

-   Build up Human resources management system;

-   Build up system of performance evaluation by key performance evaluation (KPI);

-   Build up salary policy, salary grade;

-   Build up salary policy by 3 Ps (Position + Person skills + Performance)

-   Build up Internal Labor Regulation, Labor Agreement

-   Build up procedure system, regulations

-   Resolve the labor disputes

-   Career path development

-   Consult to compose attractive curriculum vitae


-  Provide Administration – Human resources management package

-  Provide part time Chief Human Resources Officer

-  Provide headhunting service


-   Practical Chief Human Resources Officer

-   Professional Human resources management

-   Labor code – Labor disciplinary – Labor dispute settlement

-   Salary policy and positive benefits system

-   Salary policy by 3Ps

-   Effective and positive recruitment

-   Convincing communication skill

-   Communication skill and convincing skill in Hospital environment

-   Employee motivation and encouragement skill

-   Skill of building up Performance evaluation skill by KPI

-   Conflict solving skill

-   Team working skill

-   Sales and customer service skill

-   Leadership and maintaining human resources skill

-   Effective attorney skill

-   Internal assessment by ISO 9001:2008.

-   Career objective, individual KPI

-   Skill of composing attractive curriculum vitae – Skill of interview answer

-   Construction – Electricity – Equipment - Machine safety

-   Enterprise culture, …




phone : 08.54091.702 – Hotline: 0919.977.533 – Mr. Hưng

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